Love or Fear (part 3)

How to overcome Fear

It is not an easy task. One has to go through layers and layers of various fears, to be able to come to the center of your being, where there is love, where there is peace. Awareness, understanding, courage, and total acceptance of what is, are the few tools to overcome fear.
Fear disappears when you no longer care about the outcome. Fear can disappear only when anything that happens is okay by you. As J. Krishnamurti said “My magic mantra is simple. I don’t mind anything that happens”. That is the attitude and mindset which will get rid of fear.
As long as we want, crave, expect, control, as long as safety and security are our priorities in a world where there is really none, we shall be in the grip of fear. Prayer, hope, and faith in the unknown, in existence, in God, will go a long way, in curing our fears and letting us have a great life here on earth.

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