13 Most Addictive Management Game

There’s a ton of us that enjoy click management and management in general games. I love finding solutions, building, being in charge and creating something that springs to mind.

I find these types of games so full filling and luckily for us management lovers, there’s loads of games out there that satisfy these needs. I have left 13 of my absolute favorites below, these are not just my favorites but a favorite of a majority of click management gamer so i


Create any machine inside your own factory, anything that comes to mind put it in to the factory and see if you can construct new and improved machines.

Mine, construct, team up with other players to create huge factories amongst other things. Chop down trees and craft before creating an industrial empire. Be careful though because the locals don’t like you mining and wasting the earth’s resources and you will have to protect what is yours.

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Cities skylines is another of my favorite management games. Be the mayor of your very own city and build absolutely however you like.

Keep your citizens happy by building schools, hospitals, stores, offices, parks and reducing pollution, traffic and general noise.

It can be a challenging game but it’s so satisfying and hours feel like minutes when you’re lost in construction. The graphics are also awesome and when you zoom in to the roads everything is so realistic.

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Prison Architect

Run your own prison in prison architect. One of my favorite management games has to be this one.

Create lunch halls, holding cells, gym area, gardens and more. The prisoners can riot, kill one another and make your life a living hell so you need to show them who is boss at all times whilst keeping them happy and never letting your eye come off the ball.

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The Sims

Who doesn’t love the sims? Make your sim be whoever you want it to be in the latest version of this awesome game.

Take complete control of every aspect of their lives, from their friends, their home, their personality, how they act and what they talk about.

The sims had to be on this list because not only is it a classic but it’s so much fun to play and just keeps getting better and better as the years go on.

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If you like this game then you love these games that are similar to sims (even better).

Planet Coaster

Create and manage your very own theme park in this epic game. The graphics, the gameplay, the creative and management side of the game are just incredible and everything we ever dreamed of when playing roller coaster tycoon back in the day.

Your guests are way more interactive and give their opinion on your park. It’s so addicting to play and customize everything, it’s one of the best simulation games ever.

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Rimworld is all about building up a self sufficient colony on a distant world. Start with virtually nothing and mine, craft, hunt & loot in order to start progressing and becoming a sustainable civilization.

You manage your people’s moods, needs, wounds and sickness. Fight with raiders and other hostile creatures and humans, capture refugees and decorate your colony in order to make it a nice living place for your people. It’s a really fun survival/management simulator that you should give a try.

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Fallout Shelter

A creative free to play game where you are in control and must manage an underground vault whilst keeping your people happy, free from danger and alive.

Make your vault modern with loads of designs to choose from, customize your vault and take a role in your people’s personal lives – set them up with others and even explore the wasteland!

For a free to play game, it’s actually pretty good!

Youtubers Life

If you’ve always dreamed of becoming a rich and famous youtuber you can actually do it in this game. Youtubers life allows you to make videos, build your fan base and grow in to succesful youtuber of your dreams.

Your videos can be from any of your favorite niches and you still need to balance your real social life whilst trying to become the best youtuber there ever was.

It’s a fun tycoon, management game that is worth a go with the incredible discount i found: You can get Youtubers Life half price here on PC.

Game Dev Tycoon

Start up your own video game developement company back in the 80’s and take gaming through the years to what it is now.

Create best-selling games, research the market, invent new games and become the world leader of game development. Grow and manage your company whilst taking complete control of new game designs, the markets demands and even unlock secret labs.

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Build a brand new colony on a harsh and unforgiving planet, forge and grow food, create bases and make sure everyone stays alive.

There’s four planets to choose from and each have varying degrees of difficulty, different enviroments and different things you can grow and build.

You take the role as the builder and manager and you must take complete control so that your colony knows exactly what they need to do and build in order to survive on their planet.

Tropico 3

Become a dictator on this wonderful map in order to have the best citizens, best trade deals and buildings.

Cheat, corrupt, be ruthless or just be nice and straightforward, how you run your land is up to you but remember the people never forget and who you are reflects your country.

Populate, build, create a tourist hot spot and even interact with your residents and their everyday life.

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RollerCoaster Tycoon

Who could ever forget rollercoaster tycoon? This game will never get old to me and is probably the ultimate click management game to a lot of gamers and tycoon fans.

The graphics are nowhere near as good as planet coast (talked about above) but the classic theme park tycoon game gives you the ability to create coasters, build everything that you would like to see in a theme park (including six flags roller coasters and custom toilets to name a few!).

A brilliant game that will most likely run on any PC. You will never get bored of bossing your employees around, making your security guards walk the same route for hours on end and having your handymen clean up bucket loads of sick.


Football Manager

Have you ever dreamed of being the boss of your own football team? in this realistic and immersive football manager simulation game you can make that dream come true.

Sign players, choose how they play, transfer players, have team talks, decide who is benched and who plays and much more.

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